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CASE II – Continuous improvement of At-line LIMS and Spec.Mgt .

One of our great success stories to share and thereby providing insight into our way of working is a case study to increase the integration level of LIMS and specification management in an ongoing chemical plant. The ultimate key to success was the separation and integration of the 3 layers (see diagram).

SPC Layers by SPOR

After the project delivery of the previous team, some important rules regarding integration were missed. In all likelihood we were dealing with an exhausted project team at the outset.

Based on our unique working method, we immediately started with down-scaling by means of support. After we completed the initial support and maintenance issues, the SPC rules where delivered between LIMS & MES. We used the following 4 SPOR’s.

  1. MES system layer taking care of pure Operation Management;

2. LIMS system layer taking care of Laboratory Tests and SPC Rules;

3. Specification Mgt. system taking care of Product specs;

4. BizTalk system layer taking care of Messaging between nodes.

Software included in this solution:
Siemens R&D Suite 7 (oob-features: RQ, LC, Uniconnect, Unilink & ME);
Siemens Intespec 6.7 (o.o.b);
BizTalk 2013;
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (.NET 4.7) dedicated Web Service;

references: upon request.

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