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CASE I – Service buss pipeline with Spec.Mgt.

Our first success story involves an upgrade of a BizTalk application for specification management. Specification management is a valuable asset because of the position of Innovation as a top SPOR in the layered application/workstream landscape.
The advantage of specification management as a reference base for products, is that for each route step, in any further workstream operations, the production requirements are known. This allows for integration in a simple manner, leading to effective production and high performance.

Using BizTalk for specification management integration is a good choice on the long term. Besides a compliant and secure message transportation, value added enterprise services and business rules can be managed on top of PLM in a near future! This makes an enterprise less dependent on 3rd party (legacy) components or customizations (lower TCO).

The simple upgrade to make this little app run on a modern platform, was in our opinion a key to long term success of this company. Both in term of compliance, performance and costs. It is also an example of our mission to support continuous improvement of IT solutions in a supply chain (or ecosystem).

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