Electromagnetic pulse for companies: EMP

Business solutions for manufacturing based on truth discipline improve the daily employee experience in science, innovation and manufacturing (for example in production of medical devices or food). An electromagnetic pulse makes manufacturing operations’ quality and performance world-class, without compromise to the company DNA. Read example cases.



Truth discipline, critical thinking and Knowledge Between the Noses is the culture fostered by Empiriqation. Until industry 3.0, integration of IT systems was called “Automation”. Since industry 4.0 and the role of data-integrity and data-quality in industry we playfully propose our name as new verb “Empiriqation”. It related more to personal growth over the long term, specialization of workstreams/segments and their integration on the business side than to technical systems. We apply the credo of the foundation Ecolabeur.nl.

“Just make sure that industry 5.0 is not about sticks and stones.”

fake author based on fake Einstein quote 🙂