Monitoring, support and/or IoT platform

First step.

With a single case-study Empiriqation will investigate 9 typical best-practice data-quality characteristics of your business-solution. The monitoring and alarming on these characteristics can be delivered on a fixed-price basis or within a continual improvement time-box (estimate).


Plan an introduction meeting by sending a notification to Empiriqation.


The monitoring tool runs continuously and the output is verified each working day. Depending on the output, a status report or immediate incident-alarm is shared with the on-site engineers. Incidents are downscaled by the engineers – our alarm settings define the initial scale and response time. If no report is found on 8:30 every day, this is treated as top priority incident because it indicates a infrastructure issue.


Once there is a solid understanding of the data aggregates (as fresh-pair-of-eyes), normally additional value is found during the setup or monitoring process. This value can be communicated with the stakeholders involved. Examples of additional values: Data maintenance requirements, continual improvement of the tooling, opportunities of existing business solutions and evolving business requirements. Even R&D trials with IoT and upscaling to labs or production lines are part of the future plans of the tooling development.