Your EMP begins with bugging us using email.

  • Keep Up service
    • Standby support & maintenance, de-escalation principle.
    • Contact us immediately.
  • Step Up service
    • Agile (scores best on delivery of value)
    • Waterfall (scores best on decision making)
    • Life saving industries are candidate for 50/50 deals in software development POCs.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all services (upon request). The procedure to submit a request is divided in two paths:

Keep Up IT ServicesStep Up Integrity Solutions
Reach-out by mail;Apologies if Empiriqation
didn’t reach out first! Use mail;
You will be guided through a
checklist for priority and match;
Free-of-charge meeting or
visit to discuss the options;
Immediate support: 100 EUR
security deposit;
A custom proposal is offered;
Scheduled support: sign agreement.Sign agreement.
Benefits: immediate de-escalation
of a single incident or a service
request, based on best-effort.
Benefits: combines qualified
best-practices with
daily experience
improvement for
employee and customer.
Our general terms and conditions apply to all services (upon request).

Office hours 

24×7 support team isn’t available still yet. Interesting in participating in a support team? We need the world-class people that possess at least the following rare skills and interests: independent entrepreneurship, manufacturing operation management systems consultancy, data-programming and the interest to improve daily experience at the customer by engaging in a thought-provoking adventure together with them.

NOTE: The chat function that was used before, is shut down to allow optimal focus on our running assignments.